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Previously Tattooed Eyebrows

Before you can book an appointment, Mila needs to evaluate your eyebrows to determine if you are a good candidate for microblading. Mila cannot do microblading on all previously tattooed eyebrows. There are times when the color of the old tattoo is too saturated. If you come to your appointment with tattooed eyebrows without providing prior notice, your appointment will be canceled and you'll forfeit your deposit. 

Please copy & paste the following questionnaire & email us your pictures and answers along with your contact information. Please specify if you are interested in booking in NYC or Boston.

1. Send us clear pictures in natural day light of each eyebrow in front & side view, along with a portrait. 


2.Name of the place where you tattooed your eyebrows (if you are okay to provide this information/remember):     

3. When did you tattoo your eyebrows (if you did it multiple times, please state each date. If you don’t remember exact date please indicate month &/or year):

  • First time:     

  • Second time:     

  • Third time:     

  • Fourth time:     

4. What technique was performed: (insert X on answer)
____Classic permanent makeup block tattoo
____Powder technique with machine
____Strokes technique with machine
____Strokes with microblading
____Powder embroidery

5. If you did multiple techniques at different time please list them:
Date:            Technique:     
Date:            Technique:     
Date:            Technique:     
Date:            Technique:     

6. How many touch ups have you had since you last tattooed them and date of last touch up:  

7. Do you see any of the following color hues on your eyebrow tattoo?  (insert X on answer)

8. If you selected a color hue on question 6, please explain in which instances you see this color. (for example: if always or only under the sun)

9. Please indicate what makes you unhappy about your tattooed eyebrows:     

10. What would you like to improve about your eyebrows and what are your expectations?

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